Free Towelroot Apk V1, V2 – Download Towelroot For Lollipop

As you know towelroot app is a rooting software which you can download in the form of apk. You get free towelroot apk V1 And V2. Download towelroot apk for Lollipop and KitKat version. You can use it for android and other devices as well.

The well-known computer expert Geohot has developed a fully effective application when it comes to “rooting” any android terminal, its name is Towelroot, it is completely free and its official launch was in 2014.

It has quickly managed to position itself as one of the alternatives more effective due to its ease of installation and speed of operation. Previously, it was available to be downloaded from the play store, however, because Google has considered that it violates its policies has proceeded to its elimination.

Free Download Towelroot Apk V1, V2

But, it is possible to download it from other websites or (for more security) from the website official, which is constantly updated, therefore, it is possible to find all available versions without a major problem. For more information about the application and its updates, it is advisable to visit theĀ towelroot app official site now. There the user will be able to find the links of downloads of all the available versions until now, as well as the description and general characteristics of each of them.

Free Download Towelroot Apk V1, V2

Towelroot is an excellent application whose size is quite small, only 100 kilobytes, which makes it an ideal tool. Using it is a very simple process, it is only necessary to install it and then locate the option “make it ra1n”, press there and go, the Android mobile device will be rooted, and unlike other applications with towelroot, it is not necessary to restart the android terminal. Its technology allows rooting a wide variety of equipment, such as the Nexus4 or Nexus5, the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, LG and G3, Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z Ultra, among many more.

Download Towelroot For Lollipop

Among the many advantages of rooting a device are: Optimizing the battery, improving updates, acquiring additional functions that are usually blocked, installing security and control measures, blocking advertising and the option to configure to show only what the user wishes, allows the installation of any type of application, etc.

How to Download And Install Towelroot App Latest Version

Now, in order to download and install the apk file and thus access all the aforementioned advantages and more, you must carefully follow the following steps:

  • How, unfortunately, Google has banned the play store application has to resort to an alternative application for download. One that works very well is Aptoide. To do this, access the official page and download the APK application, then locate the option “allow unknown origins”, access the search engine and look for towelroot. There will appear a sign that says “Lambda”, in the upper part of the sign there is a series of instructions, in the lower part also, and next, you click on the “Lambda” sign to start the automatic download of the APK Once downloaded you must click on execute APK, then the system will request a series of permissions to be able to complete your installation, select accept and wait for it to be installed as an application.
  • Once it has been installed correctly, press the “make it ra1n” button which will allow rooting the device in a matter of seconds.
  • After this, you can start using the mobile perfectly with all the advantages of having it rooted.

Download Towelroot For Lollipop

That’s it, to verify that you really have a rooted device, you can install an app that works with rooted devices such as Titanium Backup, ROMToolbox or SD Maid and when you open any of those apps, you should see a SuperSU screen requesting access to your name to act with administrator permissions.

Frequent questions:

  • What are the compatible operating systems? Regarding the compatibility of different types of operating systems, Towelroot is perfectly accepted by Android KitKat, Android Lollipop, Marshmallow Android, and Android Nougat.
  • Is it normal for the device to restart after it has been rooted? Normally it does not restart, however, there should be no worry if the device restarts, and this has happened in some cases and has not represented any problem.
  • Are all operating systems compatible are Towelroot? While it works wonderfully on a lot of operating systems, it does not support absolutely everyone. For example, the APK V1 file at the beginning affected several devices; therefore, they felt the need to let the user know if their device is not compatible.
  • Is it necessary to have specific knowledge to be able to use the application? Fortunately, you do not need a high level of computer knowledge to perform the procedure because it is extremely easy to execute. However, it is necessary to be well informed about how to perform the operation in the most suitable way to avoid complications that may lead to equipment damage. On the official website of Towelroot, there is a special guide for users.
  • Is it necessary to connect the device to a PC in order to root it? No, unlike other applications, Towelroot is designed in a specific way so that it can be used with total simplicity following the same procedure of installing and uninstalling a common application.
  • Should I worry about the risk of hosting a virus when I download Towelroot? If you follow the regular channels and download the application from the link provided on the official website you can be sure that the APK file is free of viruses, this is because the developers have taken the necessary measures for the security of the links that they provide, therefore, it is not advisable to download it from an external source.
  • How has the application evolved since its launch? From the APK V1 whose operation compromised to several devices, the developers immediately launched the APKV2 that in it had overcome many of the errors of the APK V1, however, it was not possible to find additional operating systems that were compatible. Subsequently, the APK V3 could incorporate an entry mechanism of Modstrings to be able to root non-compatible devices. Currently, there are 6 versions of the application that have presented significant improvements in terms of operation.
  • Can root the mobile phone damage it? Yes, it is convenient that the user knows the risks involved in this type of procedure, therefore, it is recommended that you inform yourself enough before carrying it out, also, when downloading APK files, make sure to do it from reliable sources (web pages) officers, etc.) in order to reduce the risks of equipment damage.

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