Free Download Towelroot APK for Android (4.4.2) Tablet

Download the latest towelroot apk for your android 4.3 / 4.4.2 version. You can also use the towelroot app on your tablet for rooting purposes. This is the best rooting app so far for me. Which I personally use.

There is a super small tool that has a weight of 100 kilobytes, but it has the great function of ‘rooting’ the Android Terminal in just seconds with a simple installation of the APK, and by pressing a button, it is called Towelroot APK and it is great utility In this same sense it is necessary to highlight that there is nothing of cumbersome processes in which it is necessary to restart, to connect the Android terminal to a computer among others, to begin to fulfill its functions, only once the application is perfectly installed in the terminal, it will be necessary to press the button of ‘make it rain’ and thus to begin the execution quickly and of this form an Android mobile telephone is obtained.

Download Towelroot APK for Android (4.4.2)

Based on the above, it is important to highlight that it is the most relevant and at the same time most surprising feature of the tool since it does not need a PC to root its Android.

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It was the Geohot Hacker in 2014 the creator of the Towelroot application, highlighting that this one, found vulnerabilities in the Sony (PlayStation 3) and Apple (iPhone) devices, having the highest possible guarantee for other brands or models, reason why, Google that same year hires him to participate and belong to the great Project zero, in order to find bugs and immediately inform the company that corresponds, within a time limit of 90 days, to rectify Otherwise, security failures will be published to the users with the consequences that this can bring.

Free Download Towelroot APK for Android (4.4.2) Tablet

Towelroot, when it comes to rooting Nexus 4 or a Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 terminals, is one of the most recommended and guaranteed alternatives that can be achieved, besides, it will also allow other terminal models, being the major option in short, if you want a root terminal of quality and functionality. Another very good aspect to emphasize is that Towelroot is compatible with a variety of Android devices that are currently on the market.

As a warning and to prevent before using the application you must be aware that rooting violates the software warranty of your Android device, that is if at any time there is a problem after rooting the device software and it is still inside of the warranty period, you must pay to repair it, although, the warranty for hardware and other accessories will not be affected.

Here are some recommendations to take into consideration when using the application.

  1. The developers of Towelroot APK under no circumstances are responsible for the problems caused by rooting the device.
  2. There is no guarantee that Towelroot can root or not an Android device correctly, that is, it is not known if it will cause problems in it.
  3. After rooting, you can uninstall the system applications brought by the Android device, but you must have information about them before doing so, and then reinstall them successfully and without any difficulty.

How to download free towelroot apk for tablet

  1. You must go to the Configuration, then look for security and immediately select unknown sources, to later allow and access the installation of third-party applications.
  2. Then as step two, download Towelroot apk, which is obtained for free on the website, and then install the previously downloaded apk file.
  3. The next step to execute Towelroot.
  4. To finish click on “Make it rain”.
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